DAV Member Advantages recognize sacrifices, support the charitable mission through special savings

“When I bought my last truck, I told the salesperson I was with DAV, and he said, ‘Well, you’re eligible to save a lot of money.’ And he was right,” said Past National Commander Jim Sursely.

Sursely is referring to one of the many lucrative advantages available to veterans who sign up for DAV membership. In his case, working with longtime DAV partner Ford Motor Co., he was able to achieve extensive savings toward the purchase of selected new vehicles through the company’s Ford X-Plan.

“I’ve used the Ford X-Plan toward the purchase of a new vehicle twice, once in 2006 and once in 2016,” said Sursely, a triple amputee. “Both times, I also took advantage of the $1,000 credit Ford offers for adaptive equipment in the vehicle.

“I saved about $4,000 through Ford. Not every salesperson knows about DAV’s affiliation with the X-Plan, but it doesn’t take long for them to look it up. Anybody who has the opportunity to use this would be crazy not to.”

Another perk available for members comes from USAA. Members receive immediate benefits by using the DAV USAA credit card, according to USAA’s website. In addition to USAA’s dynamic, industry-leading customer service, the company donates back to DAV each time a new DAV credit card is opened and when it’s used for purchases.

“USAA is proud to support DAV and its mission,” said Eric Engquist, USAA vice president for enterprise brand management. “Our goal is to create value for and through those who support our nation’s heroes for the critically important mission of DAV.”

DAV partner T-Mobile offers members savings on the company’s products and services as well as a $50 Visa gift card and $25 in additional benefits for each new activated line.

“Business Mobility Partners, a T-Mobile Premier Partner, is extremely proud to be part of DAV’s mission to support veterans,” said Steve Daneshgar, chief operating officer.

Another advantage comes from an organization that specializes in keeping members’ credit information and identify safe—Identity Guard.

“We are honored to stand by DAV in their mission to support our veterans,” said Jerry Thompson, Identity Guard senior vice president and chief revenue officer. “As a way of showing our gratitude to the men and women who served our country, Identity Guard is offering theft protection services at a discount, along with a $25 gift card from Restaurant.com to all DAV members [who sign up for Identity Guard services].”

Another value in joining DAV is staying apprised of the critical and ongoing fight of protecting the benefits veterans earned through their service to our nation.

DAV Magazine—to stay informed on current legislation and other issues affecting veterans—is a big benefit of membership,” said National 3rd Junior Vice Commander Andy Marshall. “I also enjoy the camaraderie and staying active in the veteran community.”

“Our partners genuinely support and care about veterans, and I hope members take advantage of the benefits they offer,” said National Membership Director Douglas K. Wells. “I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow members and corporate partners as DAV continues to advocate for disabled veterans, their families and survivors.”

To join DAV or learn more about member advantages, visit dav.org/membership/member-advantages.



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